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"I started out with Dynamic Fitness to help my recovery from a right hip replacement. I paid for one-on-one sessions so that the trainer could help me with my posture and focus during the exercise. I also wanted a trainer with a deep background in understanding the human body and how it works. I did not want a trainer to tell me to do an exercise that would harm or pop out my new hip.

Charles, the owner and excellent trainer himself, assigned me to Andrew. Andrew has has been perfect. He has tailored my training so that I can now get myself up off the floor, go up and down the stairs with strength and am much more limber and less overall pain. My right hip feels normal and I can’t tell that I had surgery there. Thanks to Andrew, I am now functioning at work and in my personal life normally.

I am staying with Andrew to now build up my stamina and strength – a continuation of getting fit for long term health.

The studio has free weights, machines, exercise balls, etc. which can fit nearly anyone’s taste and style in fitness. Charles and his trainers are very accommodating in adopting any requests that we have. They simply make fitness work for you. They are committed to the improvement of others and are active in the community. They have a far-reaching and strong vision of fitness for their customers. It is a happy, healthy atmosphere to do my workouts in. I highly recommend their services.”

-Kelly K.,Frederick, MD | Yelp

“All of the trainers here are amazing. I wanted to lose some weight and Charles Dorsey, Jr. helped me with my goal. Then I wanted to work on my agility to run a marathon, so Andrew Taylor helped me with that. They offer private one on one training and group fitness classes.”

-Shanan M., Frederick, MD | Yelp
“Great group of people, inviting, clean environment, I would definitely recommend it here!”

-Ana Marie Seifarth, Frederick, MD | Facebook
“Great atmosphere. Intense, compact, focused workouts. No need to spend all day at the gym. Very professional. You won’t be disappointed!”

-Melissa Horman Bolden, Frederick, MD | Facebook

“Awesome place to work out !!!”

-Richard Sexton, Frederick, MD | Facebook