Personal, Competitive, and Sports Performance Training in Frederick, MD

Dynamic Fitness is located in Urbana, MD behind Sandy Spring Bank in the Turning Point Shopping Center. This brand new facility offers many training options. The Studio features Cybex equipment, free weights and a variety of functional training tools, such as stability balls, the TRX suspension trainer, resistance bands, Bosu balls and medicine balls. An outside area behind the Studio is used for speed and agility drills.  It is also a comfortable environment for fitness classes.

Cybex products are designed and engineered using exercise science to reflect the natural movement of the human body. Dynamic Fitness has a complete line of Cybex selectorized machines, the Bravo functional trainer, assisted pull ups/dips, dumbbells, barbells and cardio machines. Dynamic Fitness also features the state-of-the-art Max Rack for a variety of challenging exercises.

Cybex Selectorized Machines

Users don’t have to worry about the pattern of motion, the machine does it for you. The resistance profile of each movement has been designed into the machine assuring that resistance mirrors the body’s capability throughout the range of motion.

When resistance matches capability, the muscle works at the best level to maximize training, the net effect is better results.

Dynamic Fitness carries a complete line including lat pull down, bicep curls, leg extension and curl, and more.

Max Rack

MaxRack is the perfect fusion of free weight rack training with the safety of a Smith Machine. MaxRack is a smooth, natural option for those who prefer an Olympic bar feel but don’t want to sacrifice personal safety or perfect form.

The Max Rack is similar to a Smith Machine, but moves on two planes of motion (sagittal and frontal) for a more natural feel and greater variety of exercises.

Cybex Bravo Functional Trainer

Functional Training with hundreds of movements in a single space efficient machine. Users no longer have to make a choice between workloads high enough to build strength and free form patterns of movement that train for real world applications like golf or tennis. The Bravo delivers both for the optimum result.

The Bravo is a total training solution, offering more training options and versatility than any product in its class. Whether upper body, lower body, isolated, or fully integrated, the only limitation to the Bravo is the users imagination.