Personal Accomplishments by Dynamic Fitness Clients


“Working with the Trainers at Dynamic Fitness was the best thing I could have done for myself. I always tried to stay in shape on my own, but the trainers at Dynamic Fitness have taken my fitness to the next level. Through the use of resistance training, aerobic conditioning and customized meal plans I surpassed all my goals. I lost a total of 40 pounds, toned my midsection and continue to reach new fitness heights. I highly recommend Dynamic Fitness for all of your fitness and nutritional needs.”

Shanan Maynard
Occupation: Paralegal
Accomplishments: NPC Maryland State Bikini Tall Class winner and Overall winner


“Training with Dynamic Fitness has made a huge impact on my life inside and outside the gym. The level of inspiration and motivation that comes from a trainer like Charles is really unprecedented! He takes the time to get to know you in order to customize workouts that will get you the results you want. Today, I am not only in the best shape of my life but I have also discovered a new level of confidence that was previously hidden within me; this new-found confidence that allows me to face whatever obstacles life puts in my path. I have learned the true value of setting personal goals and more importantly how to persevere until they are achieved. Thank you Dynamic Fitness and Charles for pushing me outside of my comfort zone!”

Glory Rivera
Occupation: Research Associate/Graduate Student
Accomplishments: Third Place, NPC MD State 2010, Bikini Short Class


“I want to thank Charles and everyone on the DF team for helping me to achieve my goals. It has been a long time dream of mine to compete in a Bodybuilding competition. Although it took turning 40 yrs old to finally decide to go for it, I am truly in the best shape of my life. I couldn’t have achieved that goal with out the training, guidance, and support of Charles Dorsey. He has been an inspiration, a good friend and a great motivator. I also want to thank Andy and his Saturday morning Shred Class for pushing me beyond my perceived limits and helping me take my training to the next level. In the end it has all paid off and I know that this is just the starting point for me. Thank you, Charles and thank you Dynamic Fitness!”

Clark Snow
Occupation: Sandy Spring Bank Vice President – Treasury Management Division
Accomplishments: Eastern Regional 2011: 5th in Debut Class, 2nd in Novice Heavyweight Class, 2nd in 40+ Open Class, and 1st in Heavyweight Open Class