LPG SpineForceTM

Restore Strength & Mobility with SpineForce
Developed by chiropractors, strength-conditioning coaches and experts in biomechanics, SpineForceTM restores strength and mobility, motivating clients to continue their sessions and recover fully & faster.
This revolutionary technology for strengthening and conditioning the deep spinal muscles offers three major benefits.


A gentle rejuvenating machine for seniors, SpineForceTM improves mobility, neuromotor equilibrium, flexibility and posture while reducing the onset of chronic back pain, fatigue and stiffness.  SpineForceTM improves the quality of life.


SpineForceTM optimizes the performance of athletes and sports enthusiasts.  Conditioning up to 80 muscles at once, it stimulates key muscle chains, improving endurance, agility and proprioception.  More precise, powerfully controlled movements decrease fatigue, reduce the risk of injury and speed recovery times.


Conditioning the body from the inside out, SpineForceTM prevents the onset of debilitating structural conditions, visibly improving bone stature and physique. SpineForceTM aids in the prevention of osteoporosis, simultaneously toning and firming the body for a firmer, slimmer figure.