General Fitness Classes in Frederick, MDSaturday Shred Class at Dynamic Fitness Frederick

Fitness Classes for Every Level!

New – Shred Performance & Group Fitness Classes

These 50 minute sessions will be divided into two fitness classes, Shred Group Fitness (adults of all ages & fitness levels) and Shred Performance Fitness (athletes ages 13+).  Learn more here.

Dynamic Shred Class

Dynamic Fitness Personal Training Studio is excited to announce our 12 week New Year New YOU Shred Class. This class is 45 minutes in duration and designed for all fitness levels. This Shred Class includes cardio bursts, strength exercises and abs exercises.

This is an interval fitness class and each interval is designed to keep you moving from exercise to exercise without lengthy breaks.  This maximizes calorie burn and fitness gains in a shorter time period.

What to Expect:
  • Basic plyometric exercises such as running in place, jumping jacks, squat jumps, cardio kickboxing, lunges, squats, push-ups, presses and balance work
  • Core stability exercises such as planks, crunches on stability balls
  • Challenging ab routines bicycle and scissor kicks, reverse crunches and more!
  • Camaraderie and encouragement from your classmates!


Fitness Competitor’s Class

Ready for a full hour of heart-pounding interval training? Then join us for our more advanced Fitness Competitor’s Class! We push things to the limit in this class; focusing on speed, agility, balance, strength and core exercises.

What to expect:
  • Sprints – in all directions!
  • Agility work
  • Plyometrics
  • Endurance exercises
  • Isometric work (hold that squat!)
  • One-legged balance work
  • Lots more of those core-shredding planks
  • Dynamic full body exercises
  • Challenging ab strength routines
  • Comraderie and encouragement from your classmates!


Yoga Classes

Blissful Warrier

A 60 minute high energy Vinyasa (flow) class for all fitness levels.  This class will have specific attention to alignment, awareness on the present moment, fun music and inspirational themes. 

Class meets Sundays from 10am – 11am.  


Kids Performance Classes

Dynamic Fitness’s Kids Performance program is a different and fun approach to health and fitness for children and early adolescents. Quille’s coaching is group oriented with an individual focus for each participant.

Physically, all kids develop greater balance, coordination, agility, strength, and flexibility. Cognitively and emotionally, there is an improvement in participants’ team work, self confidence, awareness, and ability to follow instruction while regularly attending the program. Classes hold regular discussion of nutrition, anatomy, and the importance of safety and communication during exercise.

Fitness routines are versatile and continuously changing, but always include plyometrics, calisthenics, light-weight-lifting, balance building, and games.

Ages range from 8-12. Classes meet Mondays and Wednesday afternoon and evenings.