Ganesh S. Iyer

GaneshBorn in a typical middle class family in the city of Mumbai, India, I was a very curious and vivacious child.  Sports was always my dream.  I loved cricket and played for my college too.

Younger days passed by and as I was stepping into the middle ages, I came over to the USA.  I have always felt confident about myself whenever my body was in shape but I had started to lose that slowly.  During this time I also felt a calling from within to be in touch with my “Spiritual Self”.  It was too loud to be ignored. 

My Guru happened to me at that time.  He preached some things to me and I quote,

  • What you are is your doing. Nobody else is responsible for it.  You are responsible for everything around (people, animals, stones, sand… anything and everything).
  • Responsibility means – ability to respond.
  • This “moment” in your life is inevitable. This is the only moment you have through which you can reach your divine self.  The moment that has passed is GONE.  You cannot do anything about it.  The moment that has not happened yet, you have no control over it.  So live in this moment and live it to the best possible extent.
  • You are not this body and you are not this mind either. You are the life within this body and your mind is a tool which you can use to move this body to make things happen the way you want it to happen.

He inspired me to be in a spiritual space always to be on with the cosmos, nature and everything around me, spreading happiness and being joyful from within.

84A03CF8-B3BE-4E24-A82F-9DD130DAB3D8My goal is to visit Mount Kailash in Tibet and meditate there and feel the spiritual power of this Universe within me.  Mount Kailash is approximately 5 ½ thousand meters above sea level and thousands of pilgrims visit there to have the spiritual experience.  They feel the immense power of humility and unconditional love.

To make this happen, I couldn’t have found a better place than Dynamic Fitness.  Charles, Shanan and their team completely understand my goal and have challenged me relentlessly to be fit and healthy in order to my this trip.

I have made significant progress in terms of strength and shape and continue to make progress with each and every session.  I love this studio and every moment I spend here is taking me one step closer to my goal.

God bless everybody at Dynamic Fitness and everywhere else.  May there be peace and more importantly joy everywhere.